How to get windows 10 taskbar back on window 11

Though we all love technological advances and adapt quickly to the ever-evolving technology that keeps getting better and better. A good example of this is the iPhone and how anxiously people wait to upgrade it every year. Sometimes we get so comfortable with our previous versions of software that adapting to new ones feels like a task. 

Such are Windows 10 and Windows 11, even though they can be run on the same speed such as the ones offered by Cox Internet plans or some other ISP. Still, their working differs in uncomfortable ways for most of their users making the shift undesirable. 

To facilitate such users Windows has given the option of using the windows 10 taskbar widely adored by its users due to its simplicity in the Windows 11 software. 

Windows 10 Taskbar vs. Windows 11 Taskbar 

Prominent Icons 

Windows 10 shows wider and more informative taskbar buttons than the Windows 11 taskbar. These include Battery, Volume, Calendar, Wifi, Clock and Action Center. 


Windows 10 gives the liberty to its user to place the taskbar at the bottom, on the top, or at the side according to their suitability whereas Windows 11 does not have this option. 

Taskbar Alignment 

All the taskbar action buttons in Windows 10 remain in the same order whereas they keep on changing their positions in Windows 11 as the apps open and close. 


The calendar in Windows 11 does not let you add or see events as it does in Windows 10. 

Drag and Drop 

The drag and drop button in Windows 11 is not run as smoothly as it does in Windows 10. 

Start Button 

The start button is also included in the windows 11 taskbar but it is separate in Windows 10. 

Start Menu 

Windows 11 start menu does not list the frequently used or newly downloaded apps neither does it provide any information about the apps like Windows 10 does. 

Search Button 

Unlike Windows 10 Search button is not always available on the desktop of Windows 11 but it can be accessed through the taskbar or Key-S. 

How to Get Windows 10 Taskbar in Windows 11 

Windows 10 taskbar can be easily installed in Windows 11 by making a right click on the open part of the taskbar, clicking “Properties”, going to Start Menu> Start Menu Style and choosing Windows 10 option. 

Features of Windows 10 

Windows 10 is a very user-friendly software widely accepted and appreciated by its users when it launched. Before Windows 10, users had minor issues operating Windows 8 but Windows 10 made that easy. Some of the popular features of Windows 10 are  

Start Menu 

Windows 10 has a traditional start menu that can be expanded to find apps easily. 

Microsoft Edge 

Microsoft Edge is a new browser that will replace Internet explorer. It is up-to-date, faster, and designed to give a better web experience to its users. However, the option of using other browsers still exists. 


Like Google uses Siri, Cortana is Microsoft’s virtual assistant. Cortana can carry out simple commands through voice instructions like giving a weather update or reminding you of your doctor’s appointment. 

TaskView and Multiple Desktops 

Instead of opening large amounts of windows on the same desktop, you can transfer some of them to a virtual desktop making it more manageable.

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TaskView Feature makes it easier to manage all open windows. 

Action Center 

Action Center has also been upgraded in Windows 10. Any new notifications on the computer are now shown in the Action center. 

Tablet Mode 

If you are using a keyboard and mouse Windows 10 will put you in desktop mode by default. But if your device also has a touch screen, it can be switched to tablet mode. 

Distinct Features of Windows 11 


Widgets have made a comeback in Windows 11 and they offer a personalized feed of news, weather traffic, sports, and the stock market. 

Snap Layout 

This feature can resize and position windows according to your taste. You can even make them smaller to see the desktop at the back. 

Updated Default Apps 

Many of the old apps such as Paint, Photos, and Notepad have been given a new look and new features have been added. 

Redesigned Setting App 

An upgraded setting app lets you access settings easily without having to back out of nested settings quickly to get to another group. 

Multiple Desktops 

You now have the option to choose different backgrounds for virtual desktops that help you differentiate between your personal and professional desktops. 

Better App Store 

Windows 11 has a better app store that can run Android apps on your desktop, but this can be done through Amazon AppStore only or by side loading them. 

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