10 Steps to Get the Perfect Derozan Hair Braids

DeMar Derozan Hair Braids, the Chicago Bulls’ All-Star and maestro of the mid-range, isn’t just known for his silky moves and clutch shots. His signature style, particularly his ever-evolving hairstyles, has garnered as much attention as his on-court prowess. But it’s his intricate braids that truly steal the show. These aren’t your average cornrows; they’re works of art, bursting with personality and cultural significance. So, how can you achieve the “DeRozan look” for yourself? Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a 10-step journey to braiding perfection.

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1. Know Your Inspiration:

Before diving in, take some time to appreciate the nuances of DeRozan’s braids. Explore his various styles, from classic cornrows to intricate designs with beads and patterns. Notice the details: the thickness of the braids, the parting patterns, the use of color or accessories. This will help you define your own desired look.

2. Find Your Braider:

This is crucial. Not all braiders are created equal. Seek out someone experienced in braiding various styles, particularly cornrows and intricate designs. Look for recommendations from friends, check online reviews, and don’t hesitate to ask potential braiders about their experience with similar styles.

3. Prep is Key:

Healthy hair is the foundation for beautiful braids. Deep condition your hair a few days before braiding to ensure it’s well-moisturized and manageable. Avoid using heavy products like oils or leave-in conditioners, as they can make braiding difficult.

4. Communication is King:

Discuss your desired style with your braider in detail. Show them pictures of DeRozan’s braids or similar styles you like. Be specific about the thickness, length, parting patterns, and any additional elements like beads or accessories. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and clarify any doubts.

5. Embrace the Process:

Braiding takes time and effort, so be prepared to relax and enjoy the experience. Chat with your braider, listen to music, or bring a book to keep yourself occupied. Remember, the end result is worth the wait!

6. Tame the Flyaways:

After braiding, use a soft brush or edge control to smooth down any flyaways and achieve a polished look. You can also use a scarf or headband to keep your hair in place while the braids set.

7. Maintenance Matters:

Braids require regular care to maintain their beauty and prevent frizz. Use a satin or silk scarf or cap to protect your hair while you sleep. Apply a light oil or moisturizer to the scalp every few days to keep it hydrated. Avoid tight hairstyles like ponytails or buns, as they can pull on the braids and cause damage.

8. Accessorize with Flair:

DeRozan often incorporates beads and other accessories into his braids. You can personalize your look by adding colorful beads, metallic cuffs, or even feathers. Experiment and find what speaks to you!

9. Rock Your Confidence:

The most important step? Own your look! DeRozan wears his braids with confidence and pride, and that’s the key to truly rocking the style. Don’t be afraid to turn heads and embrace your individuality.

10. Be Patient:

It takes time and practice to master any new skill, and braiding is no exception. Don’t get discouraged if your first attempt isn’t perfect. Keep practicing, experiment with different styles, and most importantly, have fun!


Achieving the “DeRozan look” is more than just replicating a hairstyle; it’s about channeling his confidence, self-expression, and cultural pride. By following these steps and embracing the journey, you can unlock your inner braiding master and create a look that’s uniquely yours. Remember, it’s not just about the braids; it’s about the attitude you bring to them. So, go forth, experiment, and rock your DeRozan-inspired braids with confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What type of hair is best for braids?

A: Braids work well on all hair types, but healthy, well-moisturized hair will yield the best results. If your hair is relaxed or damaged, consult your braider for advice on prepping your hair for braiding.

Q: How long do braids last?

A: Depending on the style and care, braids can last anywhere from 2-8 weeks. Regular maintenance and avoiding tight hairstyles are key to prolonging their lifespan.

Q: Can I braid my own hair like DeRozan?

A: While it’s possible to learn basic braiding techniques, achieving intricate styles like DeRozan’s requires skill and practice.

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